A four-day training event in the mountains of Colorado. The whole 4-day event only costs you $100 which includes transportation to and from the airport in Denver. You must apply in order to be considered for this event and meet the prerequisites. 


Prerequisites for Acceptance:

  • You have completed the Dangerous Men study.
  • You have completed the Steps to Freedom with another person.
  • You have lead a Dangerous Men group (or for sure are going to in the near future)
  • You are a college/university student (some exceptions may apply.)
  • You have a penis (no exceptions to this one.)

Training includes:

  • Teaching on how to lead DM groups well.
  • Personal growth and mentoring in your walk with Jesus.
  • Teaching on spiritual warfare and how to be more aware.
  • Fellowship with other men who are warriors for Jesus.
  • Spectacular scenery (the highest mountain range in Colorado)
  • Jeeping (4-wheel off-roading like you’ve never experienced before)
  • Mountain hiking
  • Hot springs (ahhhhh…)
Colorado Leadership Retreat