Dangerous Men – Makin’ Warriors

The church today seldom addresses the issue of lust.  This study helped me grab the issue by the balls and allowed me to work through my problems in a way that is not legalistic or shameful.  Before Dangerous Men I was weighed down by the idea that I will be battling lust for the rest of my life.  The study has given me a new found confidence in Christ and the necessary tools to fight the devil and his schemes with Truth.  Dangerous Men has made me into a warrior instead of bystander.  I am now free from my past and focused on pursuing a future, with my brothers by my side, of freedom with Christ.  This freedom is not just from my past, but also freedom for the Holy Spirit to do work in me.  With this combination I know the Lord will build me up to become a warrior for him!  The devil has no chance.  Praise God!

Thank you Lowell for your work and dedication to this study.  You and the Holy Spirit have provided boys with the opportunity to break free and live the way God intended us to.  If you know of any Dangerous Men that would be willing to mentor me I will put the time and effort into the relationship to make it worth it for them.  I feel like I just got a new arsenal and I need some guidance on how to use it!  haha

Praying for you and the warriors God is helping you create.