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What men say about Dangerous Men and the Steps for Freedom retreat.


Just wanted to say thank you again for a fantastic weekend at TBC. Loved every minute of it.
As a second timer for the Steps, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and what I would be doing. I was blessed to go thru the Steps again with Derek and truly get rid of all my shit. It was also powerful to be able to pray for the guys we led in our group and also others there. Before we started each Step, Derek and I prayed for our guys and everyone that they would push each other and be real with each other. After hearing the words spoken at the fire Saturday night, it is clear to me that God was victorious and men truly got free. And I too was one of those.

Thanks again for you heart, passion, and addiction to men getting FREE. Much love to you, see you soon.


Hey Lowell,

Dangerous men helped me overcome the shame I felt in my struggles with lust. It also equipped me with tools to not just avoid the problem, but attack it. Coming into college this year as a freshman, I had been experiencing a rapid rise in lustful thoughts. I found myself trying to hide from God as a result of the shame I felt in succumbing to these thoughts. As I’ve gone through Dangerous Men, I’ve gotten past the shame of sin, instead only feeling guilt (or pissed off) when I get taken down by the enemy. My relationship with our Lord has improved tremendously with my new mindset. This is definitely something I will encourage others to go through.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experiences with Dangerous Men, I look forward to going through it again in the fall. Thanks for mentoring young men in their battle against lust and sin.

Sincerely, Tony


To me the steps retreat marked a new chapter in my faith. I had never been fully obedient to God in this area of my life, until now. I use to pray to God and ask Him to strengthen my faith and to help me in my battle against lust but I felt like no real progress was ever really made. I was stuck in this cycle of sin and confess, sin and confess, sin and confess and it was spiritually exhausting. I never really felt free from my sin I only felt like I was managing it.

During the steps retreat God confronted me and called me out, no joke. It was all out of love though, my heavenly father just wanted to free me from my sin but for some reason I just resisted. The first night of the retreat I had an intense spiritual wrestling match with God. I was scared. I was scared to let God free from my sinful bondage. I was being a boy and not the dangerous man God desired me to be. I remember hearing these words in my head, ” If you believe I’m all you need, why won’t you let me be your everything”. In other words God was calling me to be obedient and submit to Him. Yet still I struggled to obey. Luckily, God sent Lowell …

Through the retreat God showed that by being fully obedient I can experience a freedom like none other. A freedom from sexual sin. A freedom only found in Jesus Christ. By doing these steps I finally let Jesus draw a line in the sand and tell the enemy they no longer had power or control.  I was trying to wage war on lust by myself without the help of my heavenly father, I was guilty of bringing a knife to a gun fight so to speak. By doing the steps I let God wash me clean from my sin and arm me with new weapons to take on the enemy. After doing this retreat I have realized God has reclaimed me as His own and is now calling me to wage war on the enemy and to take back lost ground.

– Bryce

Dangerous Men – Makin’ Warriors

The church today seldom addresses the issue of lust.  This study helped me grab the issue by the balls and allowed me to work through my problems in a way that is not legalistic or shameful.  Before Dangerous Men I was weighed down by the idea that I will be battling lust for the rest of my life.  The study has given me a new found confidence in Christ and the necessary tools to fight the devil and his schemes with Truth.  Dangerous Men has made me into a warrior instead of bystander.  I am now free from my past and focused on pursuing a future, with my brothers by my side, of freedom with Christ.  This freedom is not just from my past, but also freedom for the Holy Spirit to do work in me.  With this combination I know the Lord will build me up to become a warrior for him!  The devil has no chance.  Praise God!

Thank you Lowell for your work and dedication to this study.  You and the Holy Spirit have provided boys with the opportunity to break free and live the way God intended us to.  If you know of any Dangerous Men that would be willing to mentor me I will put the time and effort into the relationship to make it worth it for them.  I feel like I just got a new arsenal and I need some guidance on how to use it!  haha

Praying for you and the warriors God is helping you create.


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  1. Submit to Holy Spirit’s nudges and authority of Scripture.
  2. Discipleship, not information giving.
  3. Kingdom impact (fruit – lives changed) is more important than numerical growth
  4. Direct, to the point, relevant, edgy and practical information giving.
  5. People over programs, life coaches (making disciples) not program directors.
  6. Priority is to encourage a grassroots movement from the bottom up, not top down.

Our mission is to teach young men to fight spiritually so they can freely follow Jesus. Our vision is to come alongside of young Christian men, churches and ministries to teach followers of Jesus how to live free and sexually pure.

Lowell Seashore

For the last 33 years Lowell has worked for Youth Investment Foundation (YIF) which operates community programs and a retreat center called Timber Bay. He wrote the book Dangerous Men and Unveil (for women) and from them another area of ministry was created. It is under the umbrella of YIF and is called Dangerous Men United (DMU)

He is the Head Coach of the ministry because he got to pick his own title. He lives with his awesome and wonderful wife Susie, no kids of their own (but they have had 32 foster teenage boys) near Minneapolis MN.

His passion for coaching was developed as he coached varsity soccer for Orono High School for 14 years and then 3 years coaching a Nordic Combined skier in two Winter Olympics and one World Cup. Then he turned his coaching passion to young men to mentor them in how to live free from sin and bondage. He personally coaches, mentors, and disciples young men.

He also loves Jeeping, hiking and generally playing in the mountains and spending as much time as possible at the world headquarters for DMU.  (A cabin in the mountains of Colorado)

He is personally submitted to Jesus Christ and committed to making disciples who become spiritual warriors for Christ.

You can email him at seashore@manup.org

Sexual Integrity is Important

“God wants you to be holy, so you should keep clear of all sexual sin. Then each of you will control your body and live in holiness and honor — not in lustful passion as the pagans do, in their ignorance of God and his ways. … God has called us to be holy, not to live impure lives. Anyone who refuses to live by these rules is not disobeying human rules but is rejecting God, who gives his Holy Spirit to you”

1 Thessalonians 4:3-5, 7-8 NLT

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